Monday, October 5, 2015

Barn Roof Sealing

 It's been a long while since we had the roof sealed on the barn. Ten years? On September 22 I was out mowing when a truck pulled into our driveway. "Do you remember me?" the man asked. It was Pat Sherlock who sealed our barn roof all those years ago.

 "Looks like it could use another coat of paint," he said.

 I told him that I'd want roofing cement (tar) but if he could do that, I'd be happy to consider a written estimate. He walked around the barn, made some notes, made an offer and I told him to go ahead and schedule the work.

 It's been more than "the next few days" but the weather hasn't cooperated. It's been cold and misty and Sherlock said he'd been waiting for good weather when we called me last evening. So the work was scheduled for today.

 His worker, Robert, drove his own truck. He's the one who's been here all day. Sherlock has been out and about getting supplies, checking for other work in the area.

 One small mishap: tar ran through a gap in the first roller he used and dripped onto the white aluminum fascia just below the roof-line. Robert wiped that off with gasoline on rags (mostly anyway) and said he'll give the board two coats of white paint to complete the clean-up.
 The tar-stained fascia can be seen at the left edge of this picture.

 Tar is in five gallons buckets. Sherlock originally estimated that the job would take two. But it's required four. "That roof is really soaking it up," he said.

 Robert's working on the west end (north side) of the barn at the moment. He "trims" around the skylights first then edges the area before rolling the rest. The trick is, I suppose, not to paint yourself into a corner.

 This shot was taken at about 2:30 pm. The two men arrived about 10:30 am so there's four hours passed already. The work is perhaps half-way done. The section of the barn where we keep the mowers (east end) hasn't been started.

 The weather looks great throughout the week. Hopefully this will fully dry before it rains again.

 Here's shots of the completed project (about 5:30 pm):

 Contact Pat Sherlock at 859-661-5963.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Old Spaghetti Factory

 Tom and I have been wanting to try The Old Spaghetti Factory in Fairfield but our schedules never agreed with their open times. Turns out they're open for lunch on Saturday and Sunday at noon, not just the dinner hours as posted on their sign at the door. Yesterday we made plans and showed up about 11:40 am.

 There was a cold misty rain falling but we sat on a concrete bench by the door. Soon the manager opened it and invited us to wait inside where it was warm and dry. Good customer service already!

 This is the view when you enter.

 Above the entrance is this magnificent light. I'm told many of the fixtures in this location were moved here from the downtown Cincinnati location which was closed.

 "Pasta Classics" indeed. I chose that first item ... spaghetti with marinara sauce. You get three items for one price: the main dish, a salad (or soup) and dessert. A small loaf of bread and soft butter is also served.

 There's a trolley inside The Old Spaghetti Factory and seating within it. Tom and I were seated near a window.

 Good light! Tom is in his usual contemplative mood while we wait for our meals. He's always laid-back and easy-going, never needs to be calmed down (unlike me in the Cincinnati traffic).

 The miniature loaf of bread and soft butter arrive first. Delicious ... and yeasty. Warm through and through.

 I chose a salad (rather than soup) and their house dressing. It's something of a ranch dressing with pesto. A fresh taste and quite different than anything I've had before. Tom looked up as I was finishing. "You've eaten your salad already?" he laughed. "You must have been hungry". And yet it was he who had skipped breakfast. Me, skip a meal? No way!

 Tom's spaghetti topping was rich in mushrooms.

 Tom ordered a side of broccoli. Perfectly cooked (not at all mushy) and with a nice hard cheese grated liberally atop. This is another unique taste.

My own spaghetti was topped with marinara. Plenty of small diced tomatoes, too.

 Another plate finished. I'd have licked it clean but for a number of other patrons arriving.

 Dessert? Spumoni in the traditional three flavors: strawberry, chocolate and pistachio.

 Total cost: $12.24 for myself. With tip $15. Wonderful food in a striking atmosphere with terrific people, too.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Gatlinburg - 2015

 Every fall, Bob and his best friend Sam Owens, head to Gatlinburg for a week (well, almost) of eating (mostly, I think) and hiking in the Smoky Mountains.

 They missed last year. Sam was in an automobile accident and wasn't able to go. The year before was posted here.

 As always, I warn Bob not to send me any pictures from the Pancake Pantry. He knows how much I love their french toast with cinnamon sauce. Does he care? This is how my day began, with these three photos in my inbox ...

 I'd pass on the bacon ... but I could scarf the rest of this down in mere minutes!

Sam Owens

 Sam, you could have prevented these pictures being taken, couldn't you? Or might you have stopped them being sent?

Day 1 - October 1, 2015

10:35 am 

 Sam along the Appalachian Trail from Newfound Gap to Sweet Heffer Trail. Round trip: 3.5 miles.

10:55 am 

View along the trail. Overcast and some rain.

10:55 am 

Bob along the trail

11:50 am 

Sam on the AT
11:57 am 

11:57 am 


12:58 pm 

1:04 pm

 Bob said they saw this 11 year old Shiba Inu on the trail "with packs on. Too cute!".

5:35 pm

 Their evening meal at the Best Italian Restaurant. "Yummy," said Bob. "Rain, rain and more rain. Thunderstorms earlier."

Day 2 - October 2, 2015

 Is this fair, I ask you? Two days in a row of that luscious Pancake Pantry? Two days sending me these vile pictures? They are two tormentors!

 Bob, that smirk is really not very cute!

10:27 am 

 "Five rainy and cool miles today," Bob said. "Nancy gave me a hooded rain jacket that promptly tore out the left side before we even started the hike. Maybe  too many meals at the Pancake Pantry? Sam said I looked homeless."
11:04  am 

11:11 am

11:11 am 

11:22 am 

11:22 am

Sam descending the trail through Arch Rock.

11:32 am 

"Alum Bluff Cave. 2.5 miles from the parking area. Under the bluff we stayed dry and ate lunch. High and dry ... otherwise rain all day," Bob said.

11:32 am 

11:40 am

11:40 am 

12:09 pm 

12:22 pm

 "Look closely at the highest peak on the right ("round keyhole") and on the left ("square keyhole")."

12:50 pm 

12:50 pm 

"Sam crossing a timber bridge on the Alum Cave Bluff Trail."

12:52 pm

Day 3 - October 3, 2015

 Getting the day off on the right foot ...

[Note: It is apparently my lot in life to have to see this every day those two are on vacation!]

 A rainy day for the guys. These first shots are of the Ownby Cemetry in the Green Briar area. Bob said they hiked "probably less than three miles."

10:33 am 

10:54 am 

10:54 am 

10:55 am

Bob said, "What a wonderful final resting place in the woods."

11:11 am 

12:09 pm 

 "Old log house built 1934-1936 by the Smoky Mountain hiking club?" Bob wrote.

12:34 pm 

12:39 pm

"Stream along our hike."

Day 4 - October 4, 2015

 Should any decent man (i.e. me) have to put up with this, day after day, four days in a row? Yes, it's the Pancake Pantry ... again!

11:37 am 

11:39 am 

11:39 am 

12:22 pm 

 "Wild turkey in tree"

Zoomed in view of the turkey.

1:04 pm 

1:05 pm 

 "Foot timber across raging water and boulders about 25 feet below. It bounced as Sam crossed. Robert was not crossing!"

1:05 pm 

 "They re-routed the path apparently two years ago to this much higher and narrower foot timber."

1:41 pm 

 "A tree that a bear has clawed the bark off of."

1:41 pm 

 "Bear claw marks apparent. Look how high they go."

2:33 pm 

2:33 pm 

 "Ramsey Cascade Trailhead"

"Deer picture. Eyes and ears looking right at the camera if you can find it. Mama deer and her two fawns feeding on vegetation. Also saw some 28 turkey during our various hikes. Four miles total today," Bob said.

Zoomed in view of the deer.

Day 5 - October 5, 2015

 Can it be ... yet again? Yes, one final trip to the Pancake Pantry ...

... and that delicious french toast with cinnamon syrup.

 And I assume this is Sam's breakfast. It looks like they're both going to have the strength to make it through the day.

 So, now the long ride home begins and thus ends this blog.