Sunday, January 20, 2008

Winter's Cold

Last night was the coldest of the season at +1 degree. So far no temperatures below zero. I awoke to the bathroom window frozen over with ice crystals, a pretty pattern in the early morning light where the crystals formed interconnecting lines.

The window shown above is right beside my shower and I found a familiar sound when stepping upon the fiberglass floor - a creaking, crunching sound that is unmistakable: ice! My bare feet gave further proof. Later I sat the toilet bruch down there to drain and coming back to it a few hours later I found that it has frozen in place. Lifting it took bristles from the end. That's no place to take a proper shower.

I did manage my usual walk to Hemple a third of a mile to our north but I had to press a gloved hand against my face to prevent the wind from stinging my cheek. Upon arriving back at the house, I turned and looked back north and took this picture:

It doesn't look cold in that shot, does it? But it had only risen to about 2 degrees when I took it. A sunny day makes it look much more comfortable than it was.