Sunday, September 16, 2018

Pinball Exhibit at RRHF

 Tom and I traveled to Cleveland on September 13 to view the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame's ;pinball exhibit: Part of the Machine: Rock and Pinball.

 Lighting was a problem. The exhibit room was dark and the pinball machines were bright. That's a real photographer's nightmare. Also flash wasn't permitted. So I did the best I could, holding the camera as steady as my shaky hands would allow.

 Some tokens were provided free with membership so Tom and I both used our armbands to get a few. Others had to be purchased.


Tom played many of the machines 

 A beautiful day in Cleveland!

Ringo - 9/11/18 at the Fraze

 Tom and I attended the Ringo concert at the Fraze Pavilion in Kettering on September 11.

 There was a great line-up and Ringo was terrific. The concert was spoiled by people standing ... non-stop. We were warned but Fraze needs to institute a NO STAND policy. They are careful to point out that lawn chairs and umbrellas and large bags were not permitted. Likewise standing ruins the experience for everyone behind them and it needs to be a hard and fast rule. That's not to say people can't get up to use the bathroom or to get something to eat. But no standing through the entire concert. Security should throw them out.

 Look through the included pictures and you'll see Ringo is barely visible. The videos give an even better idea of how our view was constantly blocked.

 Besides Ringo, performers included Colin Hay (Men at Work), Graham Gouldman (10cc), Steve Lukather (Toto), Gregg Rolie (Santana, Journey), Warren Ham (The Ham Brothers, Kansas, Toto), and Gregg Bissonette (ELO, Santana).

 The set list encompassed 24 songs. Notable Ringo songs were: Matchbox, It Don't Come Easy, What Goes On, Boys, Don't Pass Me By, Yellow Submarine, You're Sixteen, I Wanna Be Your Man, Photograph, Act Naturally and With a Little Help From My Friends).

 Hits by other band members included: Rosanna, I'm Not in Love, Black Magic Woman, The Things We Do For Love and Who Can It Be Now?

 Ringo's All Starr Band ended with a reprise of John Lennon's Give Peace a Chance.

 These photographs aren't great but they give a good idea of our poor viewing experience. Enjoy (as much as possible) ...

My armband:

Monday, September 10, 2018

Bear Lake Vacation

 Tom and I traveled to Bear Lake, Michigan from September 6 - 9. I'll post the pictures I took with a brief description ...

Our first day on the road started with breakfast at Cracker Barrel. I opted for their delicious blueberry pancakes. I prefer theirs to anybody else's.

 Arriving in Bear Lake late afternoon of September 6 I walked to the beach in front of Frederick's Cottages and took this first shot. I don't believe I've been in Bear Lake for a decade or so, First Dad was sick and died in 2011 and then Mom followed last year.

 Tom's resting after a day behind the wheel.

 We ate at the Cherry Hut in Benzonia and then returned to find our cabin ready (#4). It was already late enough in the day that the sun was setting by the time I made it back to the beach.

 Milkweed is common there and we saw many Monarch butterflies sipping various nectars, This one was beside the beach.

 It seemed only minutes before the sun was below the horizon. The lake was calm and the sky almost perfectly clear.

 Next day (09/07) we had breakfast at the Lakeside in Bear Lake. This cheese omelette promised "cheese, cheese and more cheese" and it proved to be a promise kept.

 Tom ate hearty, too.

 Our next order of business was to walk through the Dayton Bear Lake Outing Club. Our family owned a cottage there until sometime about 1980 when we sold it,. It's been a move I've regretted ever since.

 Lily pads reflecting sunlight ...
 [More pictures of the Dayton Club later]

 Frederick's Cottages. Our cabin was the middle one on the left of this picture.

 Then we visited Doug Parramore who now lives at Bear Lake. My grandfather (Elwood Schmidt) and his partner (Howard Gebhart) had their business - Gebhart & Schmidt - eventually purchased by the Parramore family. Doug has two old documents from the business. First, this calendar from  1938.

 And also this advertising poster. Both were carefully conserved and protected behind glass frames.

 Here's myself (l) and Doug in his front yard.

 Later Tom and made a quick trip to Frankfort so I could show Tom the lighthouse there, First lit in 1873, the Frankfort North Breakwater Lighthouse was always a favorite stop for my family.

Tom (l) and myself 

 We stopped at Crystal Gardens on M-22 just north of downtown Frankfort. They have a great gift shop and a rock shop that is out of this world. Tom bought a few Petoskey stones.

Arcadia Overlook on M-22. Great view in both directions.

 Tom and I took a walk in the woods behind Frederick's Cottages. The owner said to look for a huge tree there. "That's where I found the Lord," she said. Tom and I found neither. The forest floor was unbelievably clear of weeds, simply carpeted with thick leaves which were spongy to the foot.

 By late in the day some high clouds began to filter in and sunset looked a bit ominous. Well south of us (our home area, in fact) was being flooded with the remnants of TS Gregory. In fact my station recorded over six inches of rain in a 72 hour period. Clouds broke again in Bear Lake and we had not a single drop.

 Here's a look at the Dayton Club ...

 That first cottage just left of center was the one my family owned. It's been greatly renovated expanded.

 This post holds the Martin birdhouse my grandfather built and installed in 1965.

 I've always loved the lilies at Bear Lake. These lotus flowers can be picked and kept in a bowl of water for a day or so.

 At one time, a boathouse stood in this spot, The water is now covered with lily pads.

 I think the docks are a little moved from when we stayed here. But the basic layout remains unchanged.

 Here's the beach where Bob and I used to have so much fun. Ah, the flood of memories bring a tear to my eye.

 This front street is where our cottage was located, on the opposite end.

 And one last look at our former cottage ...

 A cormorant, I believe.

 More views of the Frankfort lighthouse.

 These shore birds were skittish when we got too close.

 So, too, the Canada geese.

 Yet another sunset, each as beautiful as the last.

 A view along the dock at Frederick's.

 Our cabin was big enough for the two of us, There was no heat and it proved to be a bit chilly. One night the predicted low temperature was 43°. We piled all the blankets we could find one the bed. That is, one.

Our final morning in Bear Lake found us returned to the Lakeside, I ordered just two hotcakes with strawberry topping but even that proved to be too much.

 This is the public beach and playground are at Beulah,

 Tom and my shadow in the sand.

 Now to Pierport and Lake Michigan ...

 Tom looked for Petoskey stones (found none here though he turned up one in the gravel near our cabin). He filled a bucket with rocks which he brought back to Pinehaven.

 I waded and later lay in the sun for about an hour.

 Here's as soothing a rhythm as nature provides ...

 Me beside the village sign ...

 And Tom.

 This shot is near Doug Parramore's home. That's his dock, boat and jet ski in the distance.

 Looking towards the lake from Frederick's.

 We had our last dinner at Grille 44°.

 Tom's taking a few minutes of downtime. We're about spent from our few days in Paradise.

 About ready to call it a day, I take a last walk down to the water and admire the view.

 In the opposite direction the sun is low and not long from setting. Vacation: over.

 One last sunset to cap our days at the lake. Until next year ...