Sunday, July 20, 2014

Adventure UP! July 20-25 Bike Trip

As in year's past, my brother, Bob, is off on another bike ride. This year they'll cover 254 miles in five days. Earlier bike trips are also posted on this blog. This trip is sponsored by Bike Tour Vacations.

July 19: Bob and his friend, Larry Sabin, left the Dayton area and headed north about noon. They arrived in Mackinac City after seven hours on the road. They're staying at the Court Plaza Inn, Mackinac City, Michigan, right near the north end of the famous bridge.

July 20: Bob reports having breakfast at Cunningham's Restaurant in Mackinac City.

Cunningham's Restaurant - 7/20/12

Straights of Mackinac Lighthouse - 7/20/14

 In Mackinaw City near the foot of the Mackinac Bridge sits the Straights of Mackinac Lighthouse. It's also called the Old Mackinac Point Light and was built in 1892.

Mackinac Bridge

 All of Bob's ride will be in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan so they had to cross the Mackinac Bridge. I remember when the bridge was first opened to traffic in late 1957. I would have been just eight years old; Bob was just two.

 An orientation session and guest reception was planned this evening at 5:30 pm at the Boardwalk Inn.

Boardwalk Inn - 7/20/14

Boardwalk Inn

July 21:  Monday's ride was from St. Ignace to Sault Ste. Marie, a planned distance of 60 miles. Bob said they actually rode 68 miles. He was beat when he called last evening from the Lockview Motel. "Which way do we leave tomorrow?" Bob asked Larry who has laid down on one of the beds. "In a casket," Larry answered.

Biking crew at Hessel, Michigan
Bob (2nd from left); Larry (2nd from right)

Hessel, Michigan

Day 1 - Credit: MapMyRide

 That night the group stayed at the Lockview Motel in Sault St. Marie.

Lockview Motel - Sault St. Marie

 Here's a few shots of the "Soo Locks"

American Courage

To read about the American Courage, click here.

July 22: Tuesday's ride took the group from Sault St. Marie to Paradise. They biked 61 miles (55 miles were planned).

Whitefish Bay - on Lake Superior

Point Iroquois Lighthouse

 This lighthouse dates to 1870 though an earlier lighthouse at this spot was built in 1855. It is no longer in use as a directional beacon, replaced by an automated light at Gros Cap, Ontario. Read about the lighthouse by clicking here.

Whitefish Bay - Lake Superior

Walkway out to Lake Superior

Arriving in Paradise

 A little before 3:30 pm, Bob wrote that the group was just arriving in Paradise. "Sixty-one miles in horrible winds," he complained. "Some showers. Tops of trees breaking in the wind. One tree down."

The Fish House - Paradise

 Bob said they had supper at The Fish House. "Supposedly on The Food Network," Bob added. "Fresh fish".

Day 2 - Credit: MapMyRide

Tahquamenon Falls - Upper Falls

Tonight they'll stay at the Magnuson Grand Hotel.

  View of Lake Superior from the deck of the Magnuson Grand Hotel

Magnuson Grand Hotel

July 23:

Heading towards Newberry

Larry stopped beside the road for a break. Just 15 miles after leaving Paradise

 "Visited here along the road," wrote Bob. "Looking for something sweet. They only had loaves of bread on this day, nothing sweet. They make 175 loaves a day and sell out to locals and tourists. Bought coffee and visited with the owner." Click here for more information.

Some of the group coming in to accommodations (Curtis, MI)

Chamberlin's Ole Forest Inn - Curtis

 "What a wonderful place," said Bob. "A 49 mile day" Click here for information in Chamberlin's

A view from behind the bead and breakfast

Bob and Larry's room (212)

A rather thin young lady outside the house

Traveler's Prayer

 Bob said, "How thoughtful and appropriate as one couple in our group (Nancy and Jerry) were forced to cut their trip short because of the passing of her mother. Our thoughts and prayers are with them"

Day 3 - Credit: MapMyRide

July 24:

Jim Plaunt (Bike Tour Vacations) in the dining room.

The bar

The front of the house with a warp-around porch that faces Manistique Lake

 Bob said, "This was out layover day on Thursday. We passed the Seney Wildlife Refuge near Germfask, Michigan. It was a 36.5 mile day. The previous day was 49 miles from Paradise to Curtis."

 "I was told there was an osprey's nest in one of the trees. It was a huge nest with mama on the nest. One big bird!" said Bob.

A turtle

Fire tower at the Park Office

Larry decided to kayak on Manistqiue

Day 4 - Credit: MapMyRide

July 25:

On the Hiawatha Trail on Friday. Last day of riding (back to St. Ignace)
"A big day! 77 miles!"

A trail-side chapel along the Hiawatha Trail

Jim Plaunt playing a tune on the organ

Jane from Colorado in the chapel

Bridge by roadside park on Route 2

The entire group (minus Jim Plaunt who took the photo)
[l-r Cliff, Bob, Marianne, Larry, Connie, Jane, Larry, Jeff, Vickie, and Chris]

A view of the underside of the bridge

Lake Michigan along Route 2

Mackinac Bridge in the background

Day 5 - Credit: MapMyRide


Credit: All photographs by Robert J Schmidt