Sunday, July 23, 2017

Tickle Pickle

 Odd name for a restaurant, huh? Well, Tom and I had a reason to check the place out yesterday: it was Cincinnati's "Burger Week" and select burgers were just $5.

 Located at 4176 Hamilton Avenue, Tickle Pickle is just a short walk from Tom's apartment. Find out more about the restaurant by clicking here.

 The decor is Victorian with metal ceiling tiles and a generally dark atmosphere. There aren't many tables, at least not those we could see. Apparently there are more in the back. It was busy when we were there (about 12:30 pm), perhaps due to the lunch hour and the Cincinnati burger promotion.

 Right beside our table was a chalkboard where you could jot a note. A small plastic cup of chalk was on our table, mere nubbins which would have been hard to write with. They looked more like breath mints.

 There was only a short wait for our meals. It was very hot (93°) and humid outside so this cool, dim atmosphere was particularly relaxing on such a summer day.

 We both ordered "Buns & Roses", a homemade vegan burger. It included a Cuban bun, 'housemade' black bean burger, spicy ketchup, lettuce, tomato, onion and a pickle. Tom tries to watch his salt intake, thus his pickles are lying atop my slaw. I don't know if the slaw was part of the deal (I don't think I ordered it) but it seemed homemade and had plenty of dressing. Chips were an extra - I had ordered French Fries which they don't have.

 Here's the actual burger. Both Tom and I rated it "a little dry" but that may have been because of the coarse bun. Nevertheless it was a filling meal and a pleasant place to get out of the heat for a short while.

 Their $5 burger offerings also included one called "Bread Zepplin" (are you sensing a theme here?) which included a non-GMO bun, beef burger, American cheese, ketchup, mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle.

 Fifty-three Cincinnati locations took part in the $5 burger week promotion.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Montgomery County Fair - 2017

 It was the last year that the Montgomery County Fair would be held near downtown Dayton (1043 S Main Street) so Tom and I had an extra incentive to attend. A special thanks to Jack Warner for tickets.

 Since the fair location was tentative - plans have been underway for a move for some time - I'm told that many vendors opted to book other sure bets. And so the fair had fewer food trucks and games than usual. But Saturday (07/15/17)  was also the last day for the fair and attendance was understandably light.

 Started in 1852, this was the 165th anniversary of the Montgomery County Fair.

 Enjoy a final walk through this year's fair with us ...

 We parked on the infield and had a bit of a walk. Parking was very organized, though, and there was plenty of room.

 Next year the fair will be held in Jefferson Township at Arthur O Fisher Park. The 130 acre location is located at Dayton Liberty and Infirmary Road.

 Additional information on the fair can be found by clicking here.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Enjoying the Food

 On Saturday (July 1) Tom and I enjoyed lunch at Fazoli's in Moraine and then stopped at Aldi's on the way home and bought a watermelon for dessert.

 Fozoli's $5 lunch special includes one main dish (spaghetti with marinara was my choice), a salad and a drink. That's what we usually get when we're there.

 Tom, anticipating the watermelon, brought his special slicer. We cut the melon in half first (he took half of that home and I kept the rest). Seedless and less than $4 at Aldi's.

 Perfect slices!

 This was our first use of a new picnic table that Mom and I bought a few weeks ago.

 And so our July 4 celebration included mostly eating. But, then, doesn't everyone's?

Hike at Germantown Reserve

 Yesterday Tom and I took a long hike at the Germantown Reserve. It was hot (82°) and extremely humid (we had several inches of rain on June 24). Friday night we had another storm which dumped 3/4" and left the trails muddy and eroded. Still, it was a tranquil hike (we passed only two other groups of hikers) and worth the time to enjoy the early summer wildflowers.

 Here are a few of the highlights ...



Reflection of the sky in a forest pond 

Queen Anne's Lace 

Tom sauntering down a trail 

A tiny daisy 

This flower was minuscule, maybe 1/4: across