Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Here's looking at you

There are aliens among us, are there not? As I walked around the track at the Farmersville-Jackson Twp. Recreational Park, I noticed a large green frog sitting in the muck near the edge. Since I happened to have my camera, I approached the frog, expecting it to leap away. But, no, it held its ground and didn't flinch in the least. I moved within two feet, cranked the telephoto up a bit and ... shot!
Still, not a move. Well, maybe a blink!
This alien eye stared at me the whole time I crouched there beside the water, afraid, perhaps, to move ... afraid, perhaps, not to. In this eye, you can see the cumulus clouds drifting overhead. Why are we searching for alien life among the stars when it seems to be right at our feet?

This frog might be one of those responsible for the masses of eggs I saw earlier in the summer. Is it female? How do you tell? On two different occasions, we saw masses of frog eggs just off shore which we mentally marked for inspection again the following day. Perhaps it was the wind - or a kid with a stick - but the eggs were never to be seen again. I never saw a single tadpole in the pond, either. But obviously, the pond is ripe for frogs and this is one of the contented bunch. But who would not enjoy a sunny August afternoon with ample sunshine, temperatures in the low 80's and only the slightest of breezes? It is truly a day to lollygag along the shore and enjoy the warm water.

Just to the west of where the frog sits, is this group of White Pines, as pleasant a spot as I have found. The needles are deep enough on the ground that your step takes on the feel of foam. You might think you are walking on the most expensive carpet padding.

A wider view of the pond, looking north from the south shore (where we park) is shown below. When the clouds are puffy like today, the small pond is particularly beautiful.