Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Sun Goes Down

It was another cold January night in Farmersville. I recorded a low of +1 and the day, though it warmed to freezing (the first since December 31), was 11 degrees below normal. Global warming, indeed!
In fact, we have been below normal every day of this new month.

After taking Dad to his urologist (we're going to try it again with the catheter; it's been in for seven weeks as of yesterday), I pulled into the driveway just as the sun was commencing to set. Of course I cannot stand it if I don't have a camera handy so it was a quick trip up the stairs to my bedroom and now, Canon in hand, I was ready to walk about the yard.
This shot (above) was taken from the driveway looking at the sunset at about 5:15 p.m.. I purposely placed the sycamore tree between me and the sun to get the glare off the lens and to get a nice shadow streaking my way. Do you think with that crystal blue sky that we might be in for another cold night? The warm glow of the sun, however, does give us reason to hope. There's even spring in that blessed ray.

In the back yard, I stood near the northwest corner of the barn and shot this picture through the row of pines. I carefully planted these 23 years ago when they were mere slips. Each tree - mostly Scotch Pines - were no more than a foot long. When one or two died during the past two decades, I bought other pines to fill in. Now there's a few nice Blue Spruce to give us some variety and color.

Finally, another shot across the back yard but this from near the corner of the garage. You're looking at the same pines as in the last shot, just from farther away and from a different angle.
Now you can see the full meaning of Pinehaven ... a home within the pines.