Sunday, November 27, 2011

Baby Blue

 The sky is heavy today, a leaden gray, and at times we have a heavy shower. For the most part, it's just one of those wet, what-to-do kind of days. Mom covers her head with a scarf when we are out and professes that the best place for her is to stay in the house. I can't walk while the rain falls so I am inside, too.
 But yesterday ...

 It was 65° as I rounded the pond at the Farmersville-Jackson Twp. Park and, being late in the day - nearly 4 p.m. - the sun was already low in the west. Beautiful cirrus clouds began to overspread the area and I watched as mares tails swept the sky. I could barely drive for watching the sky.
 But the view above is what most took my breath. As the light grew dim and the leafless trees stood black and in dark contrast to the sky, a single pine obstructed my view of the sky. Above and beyond, the clouds moved by at a pace that I could watch. It was a dizzying effect and one that would have required 3D photography to appreciate.
 This view to the south shows the sky already etched with white, delicate patches, waves of moisture, as though looking up at the surface of the sea from below, in clear, warm, tropical waters. Mom was edging her way back to the car or I might have stood there, neck bent, watching the rainy weather building.
 Today it is but 51° as I type this in the mid-afternoon. Cooler, indeed, and unpleasant to be outside. But I know, too, how warm even this will seem in the weeks ahead. November has been spectacular, tracking more than 4° above normal. But it will soon end, winter will loom large and days such as these will be but fading memories. Baby blue ones.

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