Friday, December 9, 2011

A Night on the Town

 Well, perhaps not a very long "night" - more of a later afternoon-into-evening - but a rare time away from the house. I met my brother, Bob, and our mutual friend, Sam, at El Rancho Grande in Germantown where we had a nice Mexican meal.
 I am in love with vegetarian burritos so I had one of those which filled half a plate along with rice and various grilled vegetables. Though I ordered only a glass of water, Bob and Sam ordered their usual "pitcher of margarita" and we opted for three salt-rimmed glasses so I could have a taste.

 El Rancho Grande is located in a historic building on Main Street. We ate, sipped margaritas (myself no more than two "tastes") and enjoyed watching other families come and go. Arriving at 5 p.m., I was on the road home by 6:30 p.m. That's about as late as I stay out nowadays.
 Even at that hour, the sun was long set and the city was already lit with its sodium vapor lights which give off an unnaturally warm yellow-orange glow. They are better, at least, than that unholy purple-blue light of mercury vapors, as cold and, haunting a light as I think possible..
 The shot above is on Center Street, facing west, and just west of Main. Christmas decorations such as this wreath are hung about town. But a quiet place it is, even with the holiday season well underway. This same scene, a century and a half before, would have been bustling, I'll bet.

 Even Main Street itself is empty. There wasn't another person on foot but for myself. This shot, just south of Center, faces south at the very heart of Germantown. The restaurant we ate at is left of where I stood to take the picture.
 I had parked at the Germantown Public Library and it was still open when I walked through their lot. It was quiet and empty. I drove home on Germantown-Farmersville Pike, making a last pass through sleepy Farmersville. A few Christmas lights hang there, too, though the streets are as empty as those pictured above.
 I am not much of a night person. I prefer to be in no later than 5 p.m. "You'd have your pajamas on by now," Bob laughed as we began our meal. Indeed I would, and pulling my favorite quilt across my lap and opening a good book, too.
 And from the looks of downtown Germantown, 17 days before Christmas, there are others who feel the same as I.

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