Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pinehaven Webcam Now Online

 I've activated a webcam in a north second floor window, looking towards the hen house and looking down from atop the pines. It's interesting to watch the angle of the sunlight change as the sun moves around the opposite side of the house.

 I've found the camera (a D-Link DCS-930L) works fairly well in low light but not at night. Even with last night's going-on-full moon, I saw nothing but black once the sun had set.
 I'll leave the camera running 24 hours a day except for when I am doing tests or building images for time lapse weather study. The webpage will automatically update once per minute and provide a current view.
 To have a look, click here.

Added January 7, 2012 ... here's a time lapse made yesterday from 8:38 am to 11:49 am. While the scene seems static when looking out the window, there's actually a lot of movement. The trees are swaying in the slight breeze and the sun is circling the house on the south, casting wonderful shadows.

Added January 8, 2012 ... and here's another time lapse made later the same day (3:37 pm - 5:37 pm). I think the angle of the shadows are interesting in both videos.

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