Monday, February 6, 2012

Apple Jack

 The grape wine of November 23 is racked and bottled. With a clean, empty gallon jug on our counter, we decided to move ahead and make some apple wine (apple jack). It's as easy as the grape. In fact, follow the same recipe I gave here but replace the two cans of Welch's with two cans of frozen apple juice (we're using Kroger's brand).

 Less than a day after starting the wine, the bottle sits belching on our kitchen counter. By last evening it was bubbling at a rate of two per second. When I took this shot, the sun was setting and bathing the bottle with a pretty orange glow, complimenting the color of the apple-wine-to-be.

 Earlier in the day, I shot a short 11 second video of how quickly the must was fermenting. It reminds me of a just-poured soda, fizzing quite furiously. You can watch the tiny bubbles of CO2 rise to the top and then exit through the fermentation lock (the plastic gizmo stuck into the top of the bottle). Here's how it looked:

 If this follows the same timetable as the grape, I figure we'll be bottling it in late April, just in time for spring yard work to begin. A small glass of apple jack late in the day may be just the thing we need to relax.

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