Friday, July 6, 2012

Hotter than H-E-Double-L

 It is a heat wave like none I have known. Day after day into the 100's. Yesterday (07/05/12) was the 21st day this season where we topped 90°. Four of those days have exceeded 100°. It is rare in the Dayton area to reach triple digits.

 If there is anything to be said for this hot, dry weather, it is that the sunsets have been gorgeous. Each evening the sun sets like a fiery ball, scoots down among the corn tops to our west and seems to sizzle before dropping below the horizon.

 These first four pictures were taken on 07/03/12. We hit "just" 96° that day. I love the salmon-sky and the dark, contrasting pines at the rear of our property. This shot couldn't have been taken in the winter. You know instinctively that it is a summer scene.

 The pines seem to offer a filigree frame to the setting sun in this shot.

 The corn is high, even with the lack of rainfall (we've had not a drop in July and in June, we were 51% below normal). Each day, the sun bakes the ground ever drier. By evening the corn has pulled its leaves tight, crinkled them up against the stalk, protecting itself against the heat.

 The atmosphere shows few clouds.

 Last evening (07/05/12) I walked to the field behind Pinehaven to watch the sun set. There had been cumulus build to the north and collapse as the moisture neared the Miami Valley. Again we were left bone dry. The atmosphere took on a humid sheen and the sun was muted late in the day. For the past two days we've topped at 100°.
 Today and tomorrow promise to be hotter.

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