Sunday, September 23, 2012

Shooting the Moon

 It was International Observe the Moon Night so I was outside last evening to enjoy some quiet time and share a view of the moon with others scattered around the planet. This is actually an international effort, organized each year. Perhaps it's more important this year with the recent death of Neil Armstrong. For details of the event, click here.

 As I stepped out the back door, the air was already chilly. The sky was clear, the air temperature was sinking into the 40's but the high winds (45 mph locally) of earlier in the day had abated. It was a perfect evening to enjoy the first quarter moon.

 I rounded the house to the front and saw the moon hanging in the south. Insects had quieted from the chill and even the area dogs were silent. The house windows gave a warm glow.

 There were no "moon parties" at Pinehaven, just myself. Mom was in the bathroom getting ready for bed. I seemed to have the countryside to myself.
 The moon, with 20x punched into the camera, shows a nice variety of craters when it is at this phase.

 I have a "wink to Neil" and headed back inside after a few shots.
 One odd note: When I came back inside (I left the back door unlocked), Mom's first words to me were, "What did you come back inside for? Did you forget something?" I asked her what she meant. "You came in a few minutes ago and went upstairs. You made a strange noise." Trouble was, I had not come back inside. I got the 38, loaded it and went upstairs. No one. We've both been a little in edge since that happened. When Mom went to bed she said, "Who was it that Dad said he used to talk to?" It was The Milkman, Pinehaven's supposed ghost. So now I'm sitting here alone wondering what in the world is going on. One thing is for sure: we are not alone.

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