Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cinnamon Rolls

 How is it possible to get these out of a tube? Even more importantly, how is it possible to get these into a tube?

 They're not homemade. They're Pillsbury Flaky Supreme Grands! with Cinnabon cinnamon. You get just five in a tube but each is certainly ample size, even huge.
 We bought them from the dairy case at Kroger's last week. We had a coupon and they were on sale, the perfect combination in our book. So why not try them?
 The tube's shiny wrapper is peeled away and the scored cardboard tube underneath is exposed. One good rap on the side of the kitchen counter and the tube pops open with a satisfying hiss. The dough immediately expands to show each roll, separated from the next by a thin, scored line. At one end of the tube is a plastic container of icing.
 As Mom peeled the cardboard back, I carefully twisted each individual roll from the set and placed them atop a cookie sheet which I had lined with parchment paper. It's a no-clean-up solution.
 The question remains: how do they ever get the rolls inside the tube? I would think it would be a mess and yet they're neatly placed there, one after the other, cinnamon swirled between the layers. It is a marvel of modern engineering that a machine could be made to do this.
 The rolls are excellent, too!

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