Friday, May 3, 2013

For Pinehaven's Rainy Day

 I've been wanting to have new rain gutters and downspouts installed for many years. The ones that were on the house when we moved in (26 years ago) were leaking at every joint. They weren't the "continuous" style of gutters and the water followed the conduit in only the most casual and haphazard manner.

 On April 16 I contacted Michael's Roofing & Siding in New Lebanon (937-687-3137) for an estimate. I approved it on the spot and the work was done today. A morning crew removed all the old hardware; an afternoon crew manufactured the new aluminum gutters on-site and installed them. What began at 10:30 am was already finished at 3:30 pm.

 This drain pipe was positioned a foot or two left of this position and it emptied directly onto the kitchen plumbing vent. That caused a leak which Bob and I fixed when we put on a new roof and replaced the pipe boot. Nevertheless, as a little extra insurance, I asked if the outlet could be moved to the side of the vent.

 A front view of Pinehaven shows a number of the already-constructed gutters lying in the grass, ready to be hoisted into place. They're made-to-measure in one continuous piece without seams. The only possibility of leakage is at the joint of the downspout but that was caulked during installation.

 At the front left corner of the house, one worker attaches the hangers which are screwed into place and internal to the gutter. The previous gutters had external nail holes where large spiked held them in place (somewhat).

 The north side of Pinehaven stands ready to have a new gutter placed. Each piece was measured in advance, placed on the ground to await installation and then all done at the same time, one after the other.

 The aluminum gutter comes in a large roll in the back of the van and are spit out to measure, bent and folded as it slides forward, something in the way toothpaste is squeezed out of a tube. It feeds into several holders (one is shown at the far right), removed and placed on the ground near where it is to be installed. Very slick!

 Here the last of the house gutters are screwed into place near the second floor bathroom window.
 At the same time the house was done, I had the garage done, too. I suppose they were both done together before and both gutters were in equally bad shape. So, with a five year warranty, I should be OK for a while. I can't imagine having to replace them again in my lifetime.

Later: Here's some shots taken by one of our security cameras when the existing rain gutters and downspouts were removed. We left for lunch and when we came back, that preliminary work was done.

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