Monday, June 10, 2013


 When we first moved to Pinehaven, it was just a month later (February 1987) that we were burglarized. Since that time the house has undergone major improvements, many of them of the security type, and one of the first was a deadbolt lock on the back door.

 I'm not sure it would have been much help anyway as the burglars kicked the back door in, broke the frame right out of the wall. Still, a nice secure bolt offers some emotional support. For everything else there's a state-of-the-art security system and webcams scattered about the place.

 I remember Dad asking for a deadbolt with two keys, one for outside, one for inside. The thought behind that is if a pane of glass is broken, a burglar can reach inside and unlock the door rather conveniently. But, as I've said, we have plenty of other security in place.

 The old deadbolt - installed in 1987

 That includes me most of the time, armed and generally dangerous.

 I never liked having to get out a key to lock the deadbolt each night. So when our deadbolt died (it's been slowly failing these past few weeks ... the key could not be inserted the last time I tried) I bought one with a latch.

 I carefully told the man at the hardware store that the deadbolt would have to be an exact replacement. I had no tools to enlarge holes, no chisels to make things fit. I brought it home. It didn't fit.

 So I was left with a door with two holes. What to do? "Call a locksmith," was the suggestion of the hardware man when I returned the deadbolt. And so I called Cliff's Mobile Locksmith in New Lebanon (937-687-3212 or cell 937-304-8099). I couldn't have been happier with anyone.

 Cliff arrived just after 2 p.m. as promised. He's got a ready-smile on his face and a maturity that I like ("25 years in business"). It seems whenever we call for a plumber, it's a young kid that arrives. Not that kids don't have to learn, but I don't want them practicing on my pipes.
 Cliff went to work, enlarging the holes, making today's deadbolt assembly fit. It took more than an hour.
 So now Pinehaven's two residents will sleep behind a substantial lock and sleep a little sounder for it.
 But I'll still keep my gun loaded.

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