Monday, July 29, 2013

Wandering Wheels Trail Blazer's Trip

 As in past years, my brother, Bob Schmidt, took a Wandering Wheels bike ride. This year he took part in their Trail Blazer Trip from June 20 to June 21, biking from Gaston, Indiana to Losantville, Indiana.

 Bob had breakfast with Larry Sabin, his riding partner, at the Mill Street Inn in Gaston. They then parked at a school in Gaston and biked 32 miles south along the Cardinal Greenway to Union High School in Modoc, Indiana. "We stayed indoors (on the floor) at the high school overnight," Bob said, "and biked back on Sunday to Gaston."

 Bob left here a day early - on Friday, July 19 - and drove to Upland, Indiana where the Wandering Wheels Retreat House is located. "We slept there overnight on pads on the floor (although they do have bunks)," Bob said. They ate well the night before their excursion. At Ivanhoes they downed "Good food and ice cream," he said.including "a huge strawberry shortcake with whipped cream and ice cream ... to die for!"

 There were 51 people on this ride this year. "Mostly families with kids," Bob said. Here are the pictures that he took and Bob's narration:

"School in Gaston where we started from on Saturday. Some of the kids that rode."

"Greenway 500 bike shop and bike frame in tree.
This is where Larry and I almost wrecked  with wheels rubbing as we looked at the bike in the tree."

A mileage marker on the Cardinal Greenway. Pretty fancy!

"Park where we had lunch on Saturday south of Muncie."

"Same park with Wandering Wheels trucks in background."

 Looking towards an old railway bridge from the bikeway. Near Muncie, Indiana.

 An unused railway bridge.

 A closer view of an unused railway bridge.

Here's a map of the Cardinal Greenway Trail, the bikeway this trip followed.

"Had a choco taco ice cream and a double cheeseburger.
Larry got a hamburger with cheese. Sounds like a cheeseburger to me."

"Larry trying out unicycle. I don't think so," said Bob.

"Larry trying out recumbent trike in the parking lot at Modoc High School."

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