Tuesday, October 1, 2013


 I saw it so maybe the camouflage isn't as perfect as I thought. But would a bird? Would someone who's not watching nature through a mental magnifying glass?

 I was walking the track at the pond when I turned the corner placing me directly in line with this spot. A moth - probably a Spotted Tiger Moth - had landed perfectly in line with a pine cone on a spruce. A quick glance did not show where the one stopped and the other started. I stopped merely because I knew the shape of the pine cone was wrong, its edge too smooth.

 When I peered in closely, I saw that this moth had perfectly aligned himself with the top half of the cone. Pretty good camouflage job, I'd say.

 How many other shades of nature are hidden from our view? How many objects in full sight do we fail to see?

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