Monday, November 4, 2013

Sunset - November 2, 2013

 I try to keep and eye on the weather at all times. And incidentally, I stay aware of any particularly pretty sunsets. On Saturday (11/02) I noticed an orange glow on the walls of the kitchen and I ran up to my bedroom, grabbed my camera and hustled out into the yard.

Sunset, November 2, 2013, Farmersville, Ohio

 Around 6:30 pm I found the sun just setting and the colors vivid. There was a slight breeze but the temperature still hovered around 50° so it was a pleasant evening for so late in the year.

 The sun inched a bit lower and the oranges intensified. The contrast of the dark, gray clouds made the scene that much more interesting.

 Turning away from the sunset and looking east, over the top of Pinehaven, the lower portion of the clouds were tinged a pretty shade of apricot.

 Looking west again, the sun was dropping behind the distant trees. We are just seven weeks from winter so the sun has made its way quite far south compared to its summer-setting. It is well into the southwest now.

 I punched some telephoto into this shot and grabbed a final view of the sun as it disappeared for the night. This last burst of orange gave the edge of clouds a fiery tint. Within minutes the beauty faded and the gray clouds enveloped us. An early November night was suddenly underway.

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  1. These photos are amazing! The last sun set in a blaze of glory! Thx for sharing
    SLL/Czech Rep