Saturday, May 3, 2014

Morels are Up

 Finally. May 2. I walk into the woods and check my "never fail" spot. There I see a nice yellow sponge. "About time," I whisper under my breath. It's a pretty one, too, though grown on its side rather than vertically. The unsubstantial branch of a winterberry is laid across the mushroom and so it has grown sidewalks, hugging Mother Earth.

Yellow Sponge

 I'm surprised I saw it so easily, partially buried as it was. But when I pulled back the branch, this is what I saw: a glorious yellow sponge, perfect in every way.

Grey Sponge

 Nearby was a single grey sponge. I had already stepped on it, or the debris above it, and snapped it off at ground level. It's a gorgeous sight to a mushroom hunter, even though small. The typical morel smell is there, musky and earthy ... primal.

Compare: Yellow (l) and grey (r)

 The yellow measured about two inches in diameter. Comparing the two, you can see that the grey is quite small. Nice to say, regardless of size, they taste the same.

Sliced and ready for lunch!

 Mom sliced both of the mushrooms and will add them to fried potatoes for lunch. Typing here on the second floor, I can smell that lovely aroma already. There's only two but it doesn't matter. It's something, and that is enough to satisfy us ... for now.
 So, time for chow!

Later (May 4): After two days of mowing I went back to the woods to see if any more morels had popped. Yes, but just two and both in my special place. The first is large ... it covers my hand with outstretched fingers top to bottom. The other had been broken off - probably by me on a previous trip - and was dried. We'll use both, though.

"Mr. Big"

Already dehydrated and broken off


  1. April showers bring May flowers and this year - the start of May brought something even more rare and delightful! Consider how many miles we have all logged, tromping through those woods over the years to catch a glimpse of that elusive mushroom! It has been years since I had one, just seeing your photos can evoke the earthy, nutty scent and taste...imagined. That little mess you found - enough to satisfy that yearning.
    The most sought after fungi in the world and we are fortunate to just take a walk and find one/!
    How utterly glorious - both the chase and the taste!
    Savor it!

  2. Thank you for photos. I grew up in Germantown. I live in the south and tell people about the mushrooms. They can't believe we ate them. All well leaves more us. Great memories going into the woods coming out with a big bag of mushrooms!

  3. My pleasure and thank you for taking the time to comment. Mushroom time in the spring is certainly a precious week or two and I look forward to it each year. I remember the time in the 1950's when my grandfather filled bushel baskets in Michigan. I was too young then but we have wonderful photo memories.