Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Back-to-back Rainbows

We live in a rainbow of chaos.
                          Paul Cezanne

 Sunday evening (06/29/14) we were greeted by a last-minute rainbow. The stormy skies were beginning to recede, the low western sun was preparing to set and all the while the rain still fell. I looked out the window beside the sofa, expecting a rainbow. I saw the faintest image of one beginning to form.

 There, to my southeast, a rainbow's right arc hung over the Coffman farm. If I looked up and to the left, I saw very little of anything. I went for my camera and walked out into the yard a few minutes later, rain dotting my pajamas, all the while bathed in warm sunlight.

 Now the left side of the arc was complete, coming to rest upon a cell phone tower. We know, now, what lies at the end of the rainbow.

 Even with a wide angle lens, I could not capture the entire rainbow in a single frame.

 Walking to the back yard, our garage stands in sunlight while the rainbow arcs overhead.

 A horizontal shot places the left edge of the rainbow in line with Pinehaven, hidden behind the garage, nestled in the trees.

 Finally, here's a close-up of the rainbow using the telephoto setting.

 The rainbow was repeated on Monday evening, almost at the same minute (8:05 pm). And then again last evening - though I didn't see it - another late-day thunderstorm presented a double rainbow to my brother, Bob, as he was returning home from Miamisburg.

 Bob took this picture with his cell phone, near the intersection of Brown's Run and Moyer Road in German Twp. So, three nights. Three rainbows. Chaos repeats.

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