Thursday, March 26, 2015

Kitchen's Painted

 When we moved here over 28 years ago, getting the kitchen in shape was one of my first priorities. The oven was in sad shape and I replaced it with a new digital model from Sears. I'm happy to say that that in-wall oven still works perfectly all these years later.

 I also replaced a hanging light which apparently hung above a small kitchen table at one time. We didn't have a table nor did we want to use that space for one. Hanging down from the ceiling, the lamp wasn't just just an eyesore, it was dangerous. I replaced it with a ceiling-mounted light.

 I also painted the kitchen, staying with the all-white colors of the previous owners. Over the years we've gotten a bit tired of all that blandness. The silicone sealant I placed (not too well, actually) between the splash-boards and the wall had grown a dingy gray on top, cracked and even began pulling away from the wall. All in all, the kitchen needed a new coat of paint and some minor repair.

 On Monday I called Rieger Construction. They returned the call yesterday and stopped by the house and gave Mom and I an estimate. We approved it. They estimated the work would take two days. "We're available the next two days," Jordan Rieger told us. We didn't have anything on the schedule so we gave our go-ahead.

 Late yesterday Mom and began removing all the knick-knacks above the cabinets. We took everything movable to the dining room and piled it on the table, on the chair and on the floor. What a mess!

 Today, about 8:45 am, the Rieger Brothers (and one helper) arrived and began work.

 And here's how it was looking half-way through. They were having lunch while one coat dried and then they came back and added a second ...

 I think the walls look richer with a little brown added. This is the same color as the living room. I left the woodwork white enamel.

 Finally, here's contact information for the Rieger brothers:

For my own information, in case I ever need to match the color, here's the paint that was used:

 Many years ago, I painted the living room "Antique Ivory", an HWI color (2060-5). They've matched it with a Sherwin-Williams paint that is apparently called Egg Shell.

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  1. I'm told "egg shell" refers to the sheen, not the color. I learned something new today.