Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Meeting Tina Welling

 It's Monday, April 27, and Tom and I have a treat planned. He's meeting his sister-in-law for breakfast; I'm meeting an author who I admire.

 Tina Welling is married to Tom's brother, John, and the couple live in Jackson, Wyoming. Tom hasn't seen Tina is eight years.

 Tina's staying with her brother, Tom, and suggests we meet at Bruegger's Bagels on Kenwood Avenue at 9:30 a.m.. We're running a little late (Cincinnati traffic is terrible at this hour of the morning) and Tom sends her a short message from his cell phone. "We're close," he says. She answers that she's already arrived and waiting. Patiently, it seems.

 When we step in the front door Tom smiles and walks immediately to the table where Tina waits.

Eight years have passed since the two have been together

We take an hour and a half to catch up on family. I ask Tina a few questions about her charming books. I particularly enjoyed both Crybaby Ranch and Cowboys Never Cry (I have not yet read Fairy Tale Blues). Check out Tina's website by clicking here.

 Perhaps even more important for me is her Writing Wild, a writer's connection with nature. What could be a more perfect read for me? I enjoyed this informative book, cover to cover, and highly recommend it to all writers.

Tom brought his personal copy along for signing

 While we're in Blue Ash, we'll take a short walk, too. But first, a quick look at Bruegger's Bagels ...

 We each had a breakfast bagel sandwich. Delicious!

 Tina and I added coffee; Tom had a berry-based drink.

 Then we took a short walk.

 At the corner of Kenwood Road and Myrtle Avenue. Traffic is heavy and there's a wait for the lights to change.

 We're at the "City Center" where an impressive historical display has been constructed. Each of the wars the U.S. has fought in is represented by a bronze statue of a soldier in period garb.

 The weather was perfect ... if a little windy and even slightly chilly. Still, for southern Ohio, is was a perfect spring day.

 Tom and I hope to travel to Wyoming in August 2017 for a total solar eclipse. If not before then, we should be able to have another family visit then. In the meantime, we have lovely memories of this morning in Cincinnati.

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