Sunday, June 26, 2016

OTR Beerfest

 Tom and I walked about 3.5 miles in downtown Cincinnati yesterday (06/25) and one of our stops was at the Over the Rhine Beerfest. It was held all weekend at Washington Park, across the road from the Cincinnati Music Hall. For details of the event, click here.

 Trouble was, they only sold beer (canned or tiny 4 ounce plastic cups) by first buying a wristband ($5). I'd have preferred simply paying for a taste on the spot and showing my ID multiple times. But I suppose there are two ideas built into the wristband: a. They only have to check your ID once and b. They can limit your consumption to the amount of beer the wristband buys (assuming they record the purchase).

 Washington Park is an expansive greenspace, bordered by West 12th, Race and Elm Streets. The walkway is circular and allowed for vendor booths around this perimeter. There were plenty ... and a band, too.

 Across Elm Street, to the west, is the Cincinnati Music Hall, offering a regal backdrop to the festivities. Music Hall is Cincinnati's "premier classical music performance hall". Completed in 1878, it is currently undergoing renovation.

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