Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Season's First Snow

 It's a little late - and maybe even a little unexpected - but it's been snowing since about 8 am and we've got 4" on the ground. For a while, mostly around 11 am, the flakes were falling at a fast clip and they were large ones, often several bonded together and falling like small balls of cotton.

 At 10 am there was very little snow. At noon there was a couple of inches. Now, at nearly 3 pm, I just measured between three and four inches (3 on concrete; 4 on grass).

 Looking south along Clayton Road from my second floor bedroom window, the road has melted and remains open. Snow plows are passing the house regularly.

 Looking north from Mom's second floor bedroom window, the wood pile is covered with a thick layer of snow.

 Here's a view (about 2 pm) from our security webcam. I haven't been out since early this morning so the snow is undisturbed. After I saved this frame, I went outside and shoveled a path to the garage.

 And I took a measuring stick into the yard and found 4" had fallen (1-2" was forecast). On concrete surfaces (back porch, driveway apron) I measured just 3", probably due to melting. It is still 32° at 3 pm.

 After the mail came, I shoveled a single path to the mailbox. Then I turned back and looked at the house. Cold weather ahead ... mid-single digits. It may be beautiful, but when it gets that cold, it can also be dangerous.

So, a late snow to begin the winter season.

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