Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Day in Cincinnati

 It was a warm mid-winter day when Tom and I spent some time walking about downtown Cincinnati. Most January days this would have been impossible - to go out on foot wearing no more than a light hoodie - but we enjoyed 61° temperatures yesterday.

 We parked in the Garfield Garage (11 W 9th Street) which is operated by the city and is "cheap" - just a dollar an hour. Most places we drove by wanted $5 to even $10, though I suppose that was for the whole day. But it meant we had to walk.

 Fountain Square was our first stop as it was the site of the Cincinnati Women's March on Washington - Sister March. Though we offered no more than moral support - and two extra bodies for the count - we were at least present, though late.

 How the city maintains the ice at the rink on Fountain Square is a mystery to me. The sun wasn't shining but it was a Spring-like when we were there. I can't imagine these conditions on a usual late-January day in Cincinnati.

 Another view of Fountain Square.

 We have walked through "Ruth Lyons Way" before but this time I took a picture for Mom. The roadway is no more than an alley but at least Ruth's name is still above downtown streets.

 We next toured the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center. I can't say it's my cup of tea but admission was free so what the heck. We walked through only a gallery or two.

 I told my brother, Bob, that I found one artwork that he must have posed for. Or, as he suggested, maybe it was me?

 Across the street from the CAC is a building that's brightly painted (on at least the two sides I saw). I love this depiction of Neil Armstrong on the moon. The mural is by Art Works and is on Walnut Street between 5th and 6th Street

Note: Tom says the main rally/demonstration was at Washington Park and Fountain Square was more of a kickoff point. Our hearts were in the right place anyway.

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