Sunday, March 16, 2008

Foggy Day in Farmersville

It was one of those late-winter/early-spring days where the air was saturated and the fog hung heavy most of the morning. Only later in the day did the atmosphere begin to clear. As I stpped put the back door this morning, this is what the sycamore tree looked like at the south side of our property. It was an eerie, other-wordly sight. [Sat. 03/15]

The house itself was enveloped in a thick fog, where the colors turned muted and pastel and took on an out-of-focus feel. You could sense the thickness of the air on yiour skin.

The old catalpas that line Clayton Road were trimmed a few years back by the power company and they look oddly-shaped, especially when highlighted by the fog. The background fades as the trees become the only subject. In a horror movie, these branches would be reaching down to grab you.

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