Saturday, March 8, 2008

Great Blizzard of 2008

Pinehaven on a snowy morning!

They're already calling it "The Great Blizzard of 2008" as a late winter snowstorm dropped upwards of a foot of snow in these parts. At 8 a.m. when I took my precipitation reading for the Miami Conservancy District, the melt-down read 0.70". Placing a yard stick into the snow confirmed that about 7" had fallen here. In the picture below you can see the standard NWS 20" gauge in the lower left.

The garage has develeoped quite an interesting overhang of snow, scuplted by the winds last night which gusted to near 40 mph. And when I first heard the forecast, I thought it couldn't be right. I've made just four paths in the snow, enough to get around in the case of an emergency.

The picture below looks out (east) our driveway. At this point I haven't yet dug a path to Clayton Road. I love the shadowy look of the trees in the early morning light, further muted by the falling snow.

Finally standing on Clayton Road and looking north (I mostly shoveled a path so I could get the newspaper - it was here!), you can see there has been little traffic, just a snow plow or two. For the most part, motorists are using common sense and staying off the roads. But where is there to go? Everything is closed.

The path in from the road is just wide enough to walk on. We'll wait for a neighbor with a plow to make a path wide enough for the car. It may be days before we go anywhere, anyway.

1:30 p.m. update: The snow depth is now a foot! 5" more just this morning!

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