Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cercis canadensis

OK, it's no more than the Eastern Redbud but it sure sounds fancier with its Latin name. What a show it's putting on just now. We call the tree (below) "Dad's Tree" since the redbud is my father's favorite. We had none on our property until I found some seedlings growing wild a few years ago and transplanted one to a spot north of the henhouse. In those ten or so years, the tree has grown to 15' or more and this is the first year it's fully in bloom: every branch seems to burst alive with purple.

Close-up, the pink/purple flowers are other-worldy. They don't look as though the color could be real. And yet these grow wild around here and show themselves in the deepest woods. What other tree has this same color?

I pruned branches of an oak (also transplanted nearby) to make room for this tree which seemed to be getting crowded out. It repaid the favor with tons of flowers.

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