Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Fungus Among Us

This is the time of year when we can't wait to get into the woods and begin hunting for the morel mushroom. Though we've had a favorite spot for the two decades we've lived here, it seems to be about "hunted out". Every year we find fewer even though we're careful to leave a few stand (that's one of the the hardest things in the world to do). A few weeks ago we found four "snakeheads", a dark miniature version of the true sponge. These were fried with eggs and served on a sandwich. The mushroom shown below is a true morel and it's the only one I found this year. That's right: one! Here I am holding it (and it's not even very large) before it went into a pot with green peas. I'm afraid I couldn't even taste it that way.

Another flower we eagerly await every year is the wisteria. The plants shown is in my aunt and uncle's front yard in Miamisburg and it's a cascade of delicate purple clusters right now. From a distance they look like grapes. We have a wisteria here, too, but we've transplanted it often enough that it's never bloomed. One of these days I'll leave it alone long enough for it to get established and I hope we're surprised by the likes of what's shown below.

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