Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A New Roof - Part Four

Monday (05/05) - Continued - Along the south roof, a close-up of the scaffolding is shown. The shingles look nice and crisp. No more annual upkeep.

Tuesday (05/06): The final day for the bulk of the work. Here the roofer removes the old roofing from the back of the house. Looking down through the lathing, the insulation I installed in 1987 is visible. There looks to be a few bird's nests, too.

While working, the roofer conveniently parked out of the way of our garage so we could come and go as needed.

What does the old metal roof like like once removed? It comes off in long strips. Though it appears to have been galvanized on the back, the rust managed to get through anyway. Something can be said for its 80 or 90 years of weathering (perhaps) but it certainly was left on the roof long beyond its useful life.

Almost done!. The new roof is now in place - all in a couple of long days, sun-up to sun-down - and the result is exactly what we were hoping for. Pinehaven is reborn.

A view of the north side of the house. Only three vents still need to be added, the grounds cleaned up a bit and then the project is complete.

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