Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A New Roof - Part Three

Monday (05/05) - Continued - Here's the front of the house with asphalt shingles installed.

Removing the old chimney that served as a vent for the fuel oil furnace was a priority. It's leaked every one of the years we've lived here. My bedroom ceiling shows the wear of water coming through time and again. Now that we have a heat pump and electrical back-up heat, there was no longer need for a chimney. Thus, down it comes!

A few good whacks and the chimney broke loose. Even so, the roofer threw the bricks down to the ground a few at a time. After he began work he could rock the chimney back and forth (not good!). Further, the liner was found to have degraded and that explains why winter smoke could be seen coming from between the bricks. Another bad sign.

Now around to the back. The south side (right on this shot) is already being shingled; the back (west) waits its turn.

Climbing up on the kitchen roof, here's a close-up of the new shingles. The chimney which was removed used to be just beyond the plumbing vent in this picture.

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