Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hummer's Feeding the Babies

OK, she's not very happy about me taking her picture as you can see in the shot below. I know she knows I'm here as she pays attention to what I'm doing at the window every now and then. But this shot has the unmistakable look of being perturbed. She looks a little bit like a seagull with the sun shining upon her, doesn't she? Another problem with taking thse pictures is that it seems the wind is always blowing and I have to track the nest as it bobs around. That's not good for getting a decent focus. There's also the high contrast of the shots with the nest often buried in shadow. But taking pictures through a window is a challenge itself.

So - finally! - here it is! A picture of the mother hummingbird feeding one of her babies. She seems to thrust her long beak into the babies beak. You can only see the baby from the neck up. On the left of the nest is baby #2, in the same position as the baby being fed. Maybe there'll be additional opportunities for photos. I'd like to see how that initial entry into the world of flight goes. Do they know how to hover right out of the nest or do they sink like a rock?

I'll keep an eye on the nest and see what unfolds this nest week.