Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Birthday (to me)

This is #59 so I have to ask myself, "Is this the end of middle age?" or does it extend through the 60's? I'm not sure but the gray hair sure proves I'm no longer a kid!
Anyway, we had lunch at the West Carrollton (Ohio) Pizza Hut in honor of the big day. A veggie pizza for the three of us (mushrooms and green olives on a medium pan pizza) and some soda. Here's a tip of the glass to you blog readers.

My father, Bill, is now 84 (just had his birthday last month), is facing cataract surgery this Thursday. Naturally he's a little apprehensive, even though the surgery is commonplace and fairly routine. When my grandmother (his mother) had the surgery in the 1970's, they didn't have implantable lenses so she went through the rest of her life with thick "Coke bottle" lenses. Then, too, she got an infection soon after surgery and never saw well again. These are the things that are in the back of Dad's mind right now.

My mother, Mary, is now 82 and as good as can be. She can keep up with the best of us. I walk each morning to Hemple Road, sort of a getting-woke-up routine, and she follows along each day. It's just 0.6 miles round trip but she follows up with another in the afternoon. I hope I'm still doing that in my 80's. Bet not!

Brother Bob probably won't want his age noted - so I won't - but let's just say he isn't that far behind me. If he doesn't have the gray hair and the wrinkles I have, it's because he's had a much easier life. He doesn't have to work as hard as I do, either.

Bob's, wife, Nancy, likes Pizza Hut about as much as I do. She visited the place just two days before, testing their "chocolate dippers". She gave them two thumbs up.

And finally, here's the last of the Birthday Bunch, Michael. He's "eleven and a half" and ate more pizza than the rest of us combined (how is that? smallest stomach, etc.?). In fact, we waited while the server brought more pepperoni pizza to the buffet. Eat hardy, Michael: someday you won't be able to .... just like Uncle Bill.