Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hunter's Moon

During the past week we had the Full Hunter's Moon of October. The moon was so bright as it rounded the house to the south that I could barely sleep. I'd wake, watch the shadow unfold a little farther west, and then drift off again.

On Tuesday (10/14) we had our full moon at 4:02 p.m. (EDT) and it was as bright as a winter's moon. And yet the weather was warm (high = 80, low = 60) and summer-like.
This morning as I walked to Hemple, I noticed the moon already swung to the west, not too many hours from setting. It shone through the trees in Sam Mink's woods, pure white against the fading gold leaves. The picture above shows it against the maples at the north end of the woods, hovering over the uncut corn field.

Then, walking home and peering through the woods. the moon seems to hang among the limbs. Today (10/18) it is Waning Gibbous, already reduced to 81% of it's full self. As the light fades to the left, the moon hovers 226,780 miles away.
Because of the clearing skies, tonight may give us our first frost of the season. My walk was cool (52 at 10:30 a.m.) and a little breezy. If it stays clear and calms, I expect the ground to be white when the sun shines again. We'll see. The average first frost date for Farmersville is 10/06 based on 34 years of my own records (partly collected in Miamisburg and Moraine and since 1987 at this location).