Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nightfall in the country

As I was driving home from Miamisburg last evening (10/13) at about 7 p.m., the setting sun lit layers of clouds from the bottom and they took on a velvet sheen, purple beyond belief, but only for a few minutes. I was still miles away from my camera so I knew I had missed the peak. But in these shots you'll have some idea of the type of evening we enjoyed.

The picture above is looking west from our back yard, a row of pines edging the property. The tree on the far right is the double-ash that I wrote about in Pinehaven. It is really two trees and the southern one leafs out earlier in the spring and, depending on the year, looses its leaves first in the fall. It seems as though a single tree had been split up the middle.

Walking behind (west of) that tree and looking west across the just-cut corn field, the clump of trees a third of a mile distance (on the left) is on the property of our neighbor, Sam Cornett. I walk back his lane almost daily and use a point just back of that as a turn-around spot. It's a wonder I haven't worn the gravel out.

Then, turning left (south), I shot from behind the row of pines to a farm well to our south and on Farmersville-West Carrollton Road. The crops are in; we are only now awaiting cold weather and the start of another snowy winter. Soon I will not be able to see the corn stubble, deeply buried beneath the white drifts.

Finally, walking back into the yard, I shot Pinehaven (looking east) with a backdrop of a rising full moon. We had just driven in minutes before so the garage light is lit (it is connected to an infra-red sensor that "watches" over the driveway apron and not only switches on two lights but rings a chime in the house). It has its uses: we know when someone has driven into the driveway ... we know when a deer walks by ...and we know when the Sunday paper is delivered to our back porch at 3 a.m.