Saturday, November 1, 2008

Following Mom's Orchid

Once Mom's orchid begins blooming (see 10/14), we know we are in for weeks of enjoyment. This first photo (below) was taken on 10/13. A flower has just opened but a cluster of buds awaits.

Here's a different flower (10/21, below) fully opened and as pretty as can be.

And finally a picture I took a few minutes ago (11/01, below) with the far left bud on the photo above opened. The flower you see above is beginning to fade and is off the frame to the right of this shot.

This orange/red Cimbidium always takes my breath away, with its depth of color and staying power. This flowering sequence has already lasted over two weeks and we have at least that long to go. Right now the vivid color is mimicking the last of the fall leaves. Or is it simply early for the Christmas season?