Friday, December 12, 2008

A Christmas Orchid?

Who needs a Christmas poinsettia when we have our own Christmas orchid?

Mom's Cymbidium, which I don't remember ever blooming during the holidays before, seems to have the Christmas spirit. It has managed the brightest reds I have seen from it and the timing is perfect. The picture (above), taken today (12/12) shows a couple of the flowers up close.

But there is a cluster of half a dozen flowers open at the moment. We keep it on the enclosed south porch which is not particularly warm (it was 53 when I took this picture, a bit cool for my liking). Apparently the orchid finds it perfect.

A few days ago (12/08) I took the shot above which shows the cluster of buds before they began bursting open. At that point we brought it inside for a few days and enjoyed it on the dining room table. But when the light was off, I worried that the spot was too dark and moved the flower back out to the porch.
This particular set of flowers actually began to show itself in late summer. By 10/14 it had put out its first bloom. Another round of blooms opened on 11/1 [note: both flowerings are noted on this blog]. So the actual blooming has now gone on for almost two months.
I eye the pretty poinsettias whenever I am at the grocery and then I think of the orchid and decide I don't need to buy another showy flower. We have all we need with this.