Friday, December 26, 2008

Miami Valley Moors?

We have switched our weather again, from bitterly cold and dry to warm and wet. It is 40 as I type and tomorrow we're supposed to see upper-60's. How is this possible?
Leaving for the grocery store in Miamisburg it was merely rainy. Returning we found heavy fog. The pines at the front drip constantly. Have a look:

Behind Pinehaven, the field is obscured by the moisture and seems to disappear right beyond our property, as the trees designate a transition to eternity. The land falls away in corn stubble and then there is nothing beyond but gray-white.

Coming upon the house from the south, beside the barn, the sycamore, too, drips constantly. The seed balls, once held high, have dropped in the wind and now cover the ground. One branch hangs between me and the house, as though barring my way.

In the past month, we've had over 4.5" of precipitation, almost all as rain. Our normal precipitation for December is just under 3". So we are ending the year with an excess of moisture. A day such as this makes the hair frizzy and the jackets hang limp. But at least it is a break; it is not cold.