Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Cool New Year's Night

Last evening (01/02) was already getting colder as soon as the sun set, but still I loaded up my tripod and camera and set out to the backyard to marvel at the starry night. Van Gogh would have been proud of that marvelous sky.
Before you think I've posted blank pictures, have a look in a darkened room and you'll be able to see the same view I enjoyed. This first (below) is shot from our backyard back towards the house. The garage is in the way but I am lined up with a window on the garage's west side and a door on its east. The glow from the house can be seen by looking through each.
The eastern sky still has some glow to it even though this was taken close to 8 p.m. If you look closely you can see Orion at the right. Trees partially block the view but add an interesting silhouette.

Then a view to the southeast shows Orion almost risen from behind the trees. It's massive, spread out across a substantial patch of celestial real estate. What wonderful ringside seats we have to the marvels above!

And what an interesting sky, afire in all directions thanks to a recently-passed cold front that scoured the air clear. But it also further chilled the atmosphere and I am bundled only lightly. PJ's, hoodie, coat ... and the fingers of the night air reaches in between those layers with ease.
Soon enough, though, I am peeling them off on the kitchen floor and enjoying the warmth of Pinehaven once again. By 10:15 p.m. I am in bed - just like New Year's Eve - and enjoying the electric blanket warming these cold old bones.
I drift to sleep thinking of the winter sky still revolving overhead, enjoy the slant of the last patch of moonlight spread across the carpeted floor and the twinkling of some star beyond the pane.