Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Snow Storm!

Finally ... snow! And lots of it!
How much? I have no idea. When I thrust a yardstick into it at 8 a.m., it measured 5" but there was already some snow in the yard (maybe an inch). Below the freshest snow is a crust of ice. Throughout the day yesterday we had light snow and it changed to sleet and freezing rain after dark. That compressed and melted some of the snow. The meltdown at 8 a.m. was 0.91".

This photo (above), taken at about 10:30 a.m. shows Pinehaven with the flakes falling fast. We've probably added 3" so I'd say there's about 8" on the ground. It's hard taking pictures when the snow is falling so furiously; I had to keep the lens dry and protect the camera as much as possible.

Our back porch (looking southwest) is deep in snow. On path is dug to the rain gauge (see it between the bell and the garage at the right side of this picture?). Another path leads to Clayton Road so that I can go out and get the mail ... if we get any.

Looking back towards the rear of the house, we've piled bales of straw against the bathroom to help keep the pipes from freezing (with 100% success). This far, extremely cold temperatures have been far more of a problem this winter than snow.

One of my wireless weather instruments (a wind vane and rain gauge) is pretty well buried in snow. The wind boom is still reporting but the electronic rain gauge is frozen and has been silent for a week. It'll work again when it warms (about April at this pace). This is a telephoto shot as I didn't want to walk in the deep snow to get this picture; it enhances the falling snow.

At 8 a.m., here's the yardstick I thrust into the snow. It read 5" then. Now, I'd say we're up to 8" or so. It's never let up.

A concrete bench on our back porch is almost buried. The woodpile in the distance isn't one I have to reach any time soon. I have plenty of wood dried in the barn and more carried into the garage. In addition we've got the fireplace set up for a nice warm fire this evening. With all the pines that have died, I have plenty of ready wood, much of it nicely seasoned.

How about a look up (north) S. Clayton Road? There's little traffic. I heard one plow go by overnight and that's been it for clearing. A few cars have passed. There's no school and few businesses are open. We're under a Level One Snow Emergency so no one is supposed to be on the roads without reason anyway.
At 3 a.m. I was sitting up in bed having a look at the radar with my iPod Touch. Mom happened to get up and wondered what I was doing (she saw the glow of the display). Weather study is a 24 hour a day hobby, of course.

A look out our driveway (facing east) shows the lone path I dug so that I could get mail if it's delivered. Probably not. In any case, it's a good way in and out - on foot - in an emergency.
Today - like yesterday - we'll enjoy staying inside. We have nowhere to go, nothing to do. A good book, a warm sofa and a blanket ... what more is there?