Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer's Here!

I said the raspberries wouldn't go to waste and they haven't. Here's my breakfast this morning of buttermilk waffles topped with the fresh raspberries, orange juice, coffee and toast. What could be better? Come, have a seat with me, and lets talk over the newspaper.

My aunt has a plant (a vine?) which she calls a "lipstick plant". Several years ago she saw one of these blooming at Kettering Hospital when she was in for heart surgery and she took a sample, placed it in a glass of water and planted it when it took root. Now, perhaps three years later, this is the result. No doubt, it looks like red lipstick being pushed up from a dark tube (particularly before the bloom is entirely open as shown in this picture).

To the south of our garage we have a small flower bed (maybe three feet square) and Mom planted several packets of seed in the spring. We see mostly zinnias with a few similarly-colored marigolds sharing the tight space. Two zinnias have opened and both are a lovely shade of deep gold.

I always like getting in tight to see the intricate structure of flowers and the lowly zinnia is no different. Compare the picture above to the one below. They're identical except for the detail.

Look at that gorgeous, complicated center! The simple orange flower is now alive with shades that include rusty reds and sunny yellows. The tiny filaments of gold are wound around the petals in exquisite detail. Never fail to look at a flower closely! Nature is alive with complication to its very depths! A chance glance is never enough ... dig!