Friday, June 5, 2009

Stormy Evening

Tuesday (06/02/09) the storms rolled back into the area with angry black clouds, hail and even a few reports of tornadoes. This cloud (below) was to our southwest and was approaching Germantown as I shot this at about 5:45 p.m.

I'd call that a wall cloud though meteorologists might differ. It hung down from the main cloud deck and could be seen scooting along with the trees in the foreground for reference. I was standing in Sam's lane when I shot this, at the southern edge of our property.

As I stood there shooting video, the thunder crashed and I noticed odd "thunks" on the open ground before me. Then I heard a distinctive ricochet on the metal barn roof and realized what it was: hail! I ran for the garage so I could stand beneath the overhang.
And there I stood till almost 6 p.m. watching 3/8" hail fall in such quantity that it began collecting on the driveway apron. I posted a video of the event on WHIO-TV's weather page and it quickly logged almost 200 views. Have a look by clicking here.
Even with the seriousness of the weather, we lucked out. Eaton had 2.5" hail that looked like icy crabs. There were actually claws hanging down from the hail stones. I've never seen anything quite like it before. In Wilmington - at the National Weather Service office - they watched a tornado touch down. I've not heard of any damage.
Now, on Friday, we've had a couple of very cool nights. Last night we plunged to 46 degrees. This is early June?