Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fiery Sunset

Driving home from a meeting I was covering for the Dayton Daily News last evening, I pulled into our driveway just as the sun was setting at 8 p.m. The flag was backlit by the sun and appeared almost black.
How about if I add some flash?
The wind was whipping from the south and the flag stood out stiffly as I shot this picture.

The sunset itself was quite beautiful after another warm (84) record-breaking day. This April has just turned a corner and left winter quite behind.
The house was so warm - and we are not disposed to use the air conditioning so early in the season - that I opened a south window when I went to bed. I couldn't sleep for the breeze which ruffled across my bed and left me almost chilly. I tried it for two hours but eventually got up and pulled the window closed.
Tonight? Thunderstorms, they say, and then much colder. Normal, I'd say.