Friday, May 21, 2010

An African Violet

I should not take any credit for the blooms other than sharing a bedroom with this beauty. It is Mom who waters it once a week - on Wednesdays - and seems to give it the care it wants. I merely have to be present and enjoy it. And so again it blooms.

Aren't these lovely shades of creme and blue? This is as delicate a flower as an orchid and, for some, requiring just as much care. But we step back, let the plant enjoy the soft light coming through a south window (with a thin white curtain in between) and just await the next blooming cycle.

I hardly photograph the plant every time it blooms but this same plant has appeared in the Pinehaven blog a couple of times before. Check our July 9, 2008 and August 16, 2009 to compare the blooms.
Isn't this close up delicate? You can see the water contained in the petal, a translucent window into this plant's soul. I am happier in the morning when I wake, look towards the window and see this cascade of royal color.
All's well with the world when we have blooms to remind us of magic.