Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Past Week ...

We continued our summer walking season in earnest this past week or so, going the round of the track at the Farmersville-Jackson Twp. Recreational Park. Across from us, on the east side, is an enclosure of goats - say four or five - that are usually happily munching away at the grass. I thought I'd walk over and say a friendly hello.

Only this guy walked up to me, even lifted his head for a minute or so while I took this picture. Then, figuring that neither I nor the camera amounted to any danger or much interest, he quickly became bored and went back to grazing. He did not look up at me again.

This, instead, was the usual pose of all of the goats. It is interesting to listen as they crop the grass as you can hear it tear roughly from its roots. Thus they eat, morning, noon and night, for what else is there to do?
Every now and then I hear their call - almost a sheep-like baaaa - and then they go back to eating quietly again.

At my aunt and uncle's house in Miamisburg, this wisteria is blooming and like never before. This is the bush variety and it has cascades of purple on all sides, a sort of royal waterfall. The plant has been there for many decades and my uncle insists a pruning he gave it earlier caused the profuse blooms. Makes sense to me.

On the other hand, I have seen other similar wisterias which are also in abundant bloom. I suppose the winter's weather had something to do with it, too. In any case, the blooms are magnificent this year. As I snapped these pictures, swarms of yellow jackets buzzed about my head, intent on getting to the ready nectar. The scent is truly intoxicating.

And on our enclosed porch, our Christmas amaryllis is now fully open. It looks like a double fire engine red trumpet. It is glaring in its brightness.

Here, close-up, are the male parts of the plant which it has proudly displayed at our window. Nature knows no modesty! Should any of us provide such a display - near a window, yet - we'd be arrested!