Thursday, June 10, 2010

Billowy Cumulus

I had to cover a meeting for the newspaper last evening and as I drove home, particularly as I crossed the north bridge in Miamisburg over the Great Miami River, I saw cumulus to the south which seemed to billow up forever. I'd have stopped and taken a picture right then and there, with the river flowing almost into the clouds. But the traffic - and no place to stop - prevented it.
But when I got home, this is what I saw:

This view is southeast, across the Coffman farm. Clayton Road is just to the right of this picture; I am standing just north of Pinehaven at the edge of the road.

Walking around to the back of the house, I looked due south, across Sam's driveway, and added a little telephoto to the shot to bring our neighbor's house fuller into the frame with the high clouds as backdrop.
Aren't clouds of this sort wonderful? They seem wholly unreal. I stand there and look up and almost lose my balance. Such wonders the sky writes into our lives! And with no more than a pen nib dipped into the purest moisture.
I love nature, the soil and greenery beneath my feet, but I suppose I love the sky even more. What marvelous structures are built there!