Friday, July 9, 2010

Late Day Rainbow

Late in the evening yesterday (07/08/10) I was sitting at my usual spot on the sofa and admiring the gorgeous shaft of sunlight that was beaming across the room. It followed a light rain shower and I thought the day was ending on a perfect note.
But it was even better than that because I soon noticed that it had begun to rain again. All the while the sun continued to shine. Rainbow! thought I and I quickly scanned the eastern sky from my window. I saw nothing. Nevertheless, the conditions were perfect and I knew a rainbow was there somewhere. I ran upstairs, got my camera and scrambled out into the rain in no more than a bathrobe.
To the southeast, this is what I saw at about 8:10 p.m.:

And to the northeast, the left part of the rainbow had come back to the ground precisely where the cell tower stands, itself lit in the bright sunlight. What a beautiful sight, this spire of silver capped with color! I stood and marveled at the site, a joining of man and nature.

Since I posted the pictures on WHIO, I've had one person note the double rainbow in the first shot. Reduced as it is for posting here, you can only see a hint of the colors to the far right of the shot.
A friend in Wyoming, Al Krug, enhanced the picture by supersaturating it and the second rainbow has risen to greater prominence. I've cropped just the rainbow and its companion from that shot. It's no longer natural, of course, but allows for a better view of the phenomenon.

Yesterday wasn't a good day otherwise. Mom was ill and I took her to the doctor where we spent much of the morning. Then we had two prescriptions to fill, taking more of our afternoon. But it seems that the rainbow capped the day off just right, giving us a colorful exclamation point and, I hope, suggesting better days ahead.