Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Portending Clouds

Monday evening [07/12] I walked outside at about the time of sunset because I saw the telltale signs of towering cumulus through the living room curtain. There is a certain orange quality to them, tinged with late-day pink and I thought I must check out the sky.
Walking to the front, I found these clouds above the maturing corn, marching to the east. Opposite them, the sky was beginning to dim as the sun prepared to set and the late hour tinted these pillars pink. The corn, meanwhile, was dark. It is as though we live in a box this time of year, collared by corn, sitting deep in the bottom of a well, trapped. We can only see out if we look up or down the road. And that is but a narrow path.

To the west (about 8:30 p.m.), another large cumulus was moving towards us and I waited until it obscured the sun before I took this picture. Just a few minutes later I checked the radar and saw a tiny plume of moisture dropping from this cloud. Eaton was its target.

Though we had no rain here during the night, yesterday the storms arrived in the late afternoon. Beginning about 3:30 p.m., we had 1.28" in less than an hour.
While in Miamisburg, a dark mass of clouds gathered in the south and as we drove home I thought the rain had wholly missed us. But again watching the radar, I saw the rain develop here, too, right atop us. It poured! The lightning flashed and the thunder boomed. The rain gutters overflowed.
And then it was over. By evening the sky had cleared and was a crystal blue. This morning the remnants were spread across the corn field as fog.