Sunday, March 27, 2011

Flowers for Mom

 My mother is not a particularly emotional person and yet she was brought to tears when she received this wonderful bouquet of flowers yesterday. Who could have possibly sent them? She opened the card and saw the note from Josie, a dear friend in England. Tears ran down her face ... and mine, too (and I heard Dad's voice break also) ... that such a thoughtful expression of love could come from across the Atlantic.

 We have placed the bouquet on our dining room table. It is perfect for this open space and easily enjoyed by everyone. Isn't it marvelous?

 In the bouquet are a number of these wonderful salmon-colored roses, so fresh they look like they should have dew running across the petals. I have not seen a rose of this exact shade before.

 A type of miniature mum, I think? There are clusters of these in the arrangement.

 And these lilies (r), too, are beautiful beyond belief. Look at the small red berries (lower left). They are not artificial but attached to living stems, complete with tiny leaves. I have no idea what they are but they are about the size of cranberries.
 How lucky we are to have friends. Josie - who we have never met in person - is one of our dearest. My mother's illness is made so much brighter by this wonderful gesture of love. Thank you, Josie.